Production and processing

Bimeccanica work normally in:
- HYDRAULIC CYLINDER AND EQUIPMENT (guides, pistons, bottoms, attacks, collectors, etc.).
- AGRICULTURAL (transmission boxes gears, bearings, flanges, hubs, shafts, blocks, etc.)
- PRESSES (nuts, flanges for pumps, threaded rings, blocks for oil distribution, pins, etc.).
- EARTHMOVING  (bushings, pins, various components, etc.)
- VALVES (auctions, auctions with ball, flanges, bodies, extensions, etc.)
- FOOD (dishes for forms, trolleys, trees, bussolame, spacers, drums, etc.).
- FURNISHINGS (bases, clamps, columns, heads, etc.).
- WEIGHING SYSTEM (steel elements, load cells in stainless steel, etc.).
- DRILLING (pins, blocks, pulleys, guides, sectors, etc.).
In addition Bimeccanica, thanks his experience, in the fields of petrochemical, gas distribution, chemicals and energy.