Bimeccanica work normally in:
HYDRAULIC CYLINDER AND EQUIPMENT (guides, pistons, bottoms, attacks, collectors, etc.).
AGRICULTURAL (transmission boxes gears, bearings, flanges, hubs, shafts, blocks, etc.)
PRESSES (nuts, flanges for pumps, threaded rings, blocks for oil distribution, pins, etc.).
EARTHMOVING  (bushings, pins, various components, etc.)
VALVES (auctions, auctions with ball, flanges, bodies, extensions, etc.)
FOOD (dishes for forms, trolleys, trees, bussolame, spacers, drums, etc.).
FURNISHINGS (bases, clamps, columns, heads, etc.).
WEIGHING SYSTEM (steel elements, load cells in stainless steel, etc.).
DRILLING (pins, blocks, pulleys, guides, sectors, etc.).
In addition Bimeccanica, thanks his experience, in the fields of petrochemical, gas distribution, chemicals and energy.